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My name is Cometessa, I been in the music industry for over 14+ yrs it all started as a DJ than went on to being a promoter; which was introduced to me by Fantum producer of B.E.B Ent. My love for the industry had my hands in many hats such as: a freelance photographer who landed me quiet a few gigs even as videographer. Funny thing I was often made fun of things like” you about to shot a movie ma” back than cameras were huge, but I was on to something. My camera was my weapon; it got me in places as well hanging with celebrities, music execs and of course footage and the right for all my photos. I was the young lady with a camera in all places we’re talking 1991.  I continued to do promotions through the years for many record labels such: Violator Record, Atlantic Record, Jive, Milk Promotions, Karl Kani, Skittles, The “Up N Smoke Tour”, BIG Pun ” I’m Not A Player”, Notorious BIG, Notorious KIM just to name a few till the year of 2000.  After 911 the music industry as taken a different route where the Promotions & Marketing were not as easy and consistent, as well the change of staff that were more from six months to a year.  In 2005 I had the vision to have my own TV show; I than approach BCAT public access television make a story short my show became a reality that same year. 

Plugme TV, I Cometessa the host got all my resources together and got a few industry heads to come on the show such as: DJ Rad of the Triple Beam Team, Fantum producer of Bang’Em Beats Ent/ B.E.B Ent, Tech the DJ, DJ Kid Capri, A+, Wais P, Mesai for Sr.Editor for Rap Fanatic, Ghost Producer of Ghost Ent., Johnny Floss, Brite the list goes on. Plugme TV as also covered a few car shows within the 5 Boroughs of NYC; as well covering events and community events. While on the grind with Plugme TV and a former radio host for WLIB NY of 91.5 FM for 3 years from 2000-2003 I decided that I was going to start Plugme Radio sister to Plugme TV.  An order to create the brand and make it recognizable; I recorded radio drops, promos for different Co.’s as well creating radio format shows and putting them over the Internet; the feed backs were great. Before you know it Plugme Radio became a brand. All the promos were made possible by Fantum at Bang’Em Beats studio; the man himself emcee/artist/producer & engineer without Fantum of Bang’Em Beats Ent. It would not be possible; I mean seriously it would have never been possible. Fantum; understand my vision and can bring it to life; that’s exactly what is music does for many artist. You have not heard any of his music from his library than you’re settling and not ready for the world responds. 

Today, I can proudly say my hard work and vision came to a reality; and still have a lot learning to do and it does not stop there. I can already say that I will be in a major radio brand and still build my own. It’s all in the networks! Thank you for taking the time to read a much summarized biography.

Plugme Radio will bring you; comedy, music, talent, business owners, urban book authors. I’m not here to re-vent the wheel; but I can surely bring something different.

Plugme Radio will be returning with a brand new shows 5 days a week.  Please stay tune!


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