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Cometessa pronounced as (Come-Tes-Sa), have been grinding in the music industry since 1990.  It all started when she was thought how to DJ by two of the best DJ’s in the music industry whom DJ Dummy still djs for Common the actor & rapper and also thought by DJ LS1 who was the DJ for “Smooth the Hustler”.  Thereafter; Tessa as some calls her went on to being a promoter; which was introduced to her by Fantum Artist & Producer of B.E.B ENT.

Tessa’s passion for the music industry has given her hands on experienced in many hats such as: freelance photographer in which landed her quite a few awesome gigs sitting in the same V.I.P celebrities even some great footage as a videographer.  Tessa was always often made fun of since she always carried a camera around and back than 1991 video recorder were huge.  She used a Panasonic VHS Cassette which was the style back than ironically she was ahead of the game people would things like”You about to shoot a movie ma”.   Tessa’s camera was her weapon to get into the industry events; while everyone wanted to be a rapper her camera got her into the best events in town.

Tessa continued to do promotions throughout the years for many record labels such: Violator Record, Atlantic Record, Jive, Milk Promotions, Karl Kani, Skittles, The “Up N Smoke Tour” where I got chance to meet Xzibit, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog and actually promoted the Snoop Dog clothing line and drove his promotional van in NYC areas. Tessa as also worked in the BIG Pun ” I’m Not A Player” campaign, Notorious BIG album release, Notorious KIM album release just to name a few till the year of 2000.  After 911 the music industry had taken a different route where the Promotions & Marketing game had drastically changed were it wasn’t as easy and consistent with record labels to have street team on the street along with the dramatic changed of staff.  Meaning new staff new start and new introduction; in 2005 Tessa had the vision to have her own TV show.  Tessa became a TV Producer for BCAT Public Access Television now BRIC Media to make her story short her dream became a reality that same year with show titled PlugmeTV with a slogan “Where We Connect”.

Plugme TV Tessa, the host got all her resources together and got a few industry heads to come on her show such as: DJ Rad of the Triple Beam Team, Fantum producer of Bang’Em Beats Ent/ B.E.B Ent, Tech the DJ, DJ Kid Capri, A+, Wais P, Mesai for Sr. Editor for Rap Fanatic, Ghost Producer of Lab9 Beatz., Johnny Floss, Brite the list goes on.

Plugme TV “Where We Connect” also covered a few car shows within the 5 Boroughs of NYC; as well covered events and the community within the Five Boroughs of NYC.  While on the grind with Plugme TV Tessa was asked to Co-Host a radio show temporary that turned out to be a 3 years experienced on WLIB NY of 91.5 FM from 2000-2003 that’s pretty swell for a 1st timer to land a gig on a FM station; you can’t knock a girl hustle.  Tessa’s ambition didn’t stop there; she envision of having her radio show than  Plugme Radio sister to Plugme TV came to existence she created an online radio show that was LIVE for 3 years over the internet. Tessa created radio drops, promos for different Co.’s as well created radio format shows and placed them over the Internet every Tuesday’s.  Plugme Radio became a brand; all the promos were made possible by Fantum from Bang’Em Beats studio bangembeats.com; the man himself emcee/artist/producer & music engineer and video editor without Fantum of Bang’Em Beats Ent www.bangembeat.com.  It wouldn’t be possible without Fantum. Fantum understood her vision and helped Tessa bring it to life till this day.  Fantum & Tessa continues to work together on projects look out for these two entrepreneur Tessa as also received promos and drops by a known DJ name DJ Nuclear who is the executive and part owner of Shadyville Dj’s whom shows great support to Tessa as well recognize her talent. The support continues also from Ovington Prophete who’s the CEO and owner of CSMG can vouch of Tessa’s work and experiences.

Plugme Radio will bring you; comedy, music, talent, business owners, urban book authors. I’m not here to re-vent the wheel; but I can surely bring something different.

Currently: Tessa is continuous certified TV producer who as work on set for live TV shows for many BRIC Media producers as either a camera producer or director on set, Program Director to her own show, whom also work independently as an Artist Development Consultant, still a TV host & On-Air Personality. Also run PlugmeTVinHait on Social Media that currently promote events and businesses in the Haitian community.  An addition travels to Haiti to cover events and also consults artist as well assist on properly marketing themselves on Social Media. Tessa is also a graphic designer, photographer and videographer.  You’re currently looking at her work as she’s the one that created her very own website along with the graphics on that site.

Tessa’s experiences: Fitness Personal Trainer of 16 years, a 3 years trained amateur boxing at Gleason Gym, Certified video editor, Certified in Premier as an editor, Certified Travel Agent, Certified graphic designer in Photoshop, Part-Time Promoter. Tessa is very proud of her work and highly believe that her hard work will pay off. Tessa believe there is still more to learn, as well looking to network with other entrepreneur who believes in putting in the work.  She’s ready to network with anyone who shows her the respect of her long journey and also take the time to see her worth in building her own legacy.

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