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Stage Presentation

Cardio Exercise/ Boot Camp as you can not be tired while performing on stage.

Interviewing Skills

Your personal life appearance as an artist

Before you can market yourself as an artist; you must pick a name that you will stick with throughout your career and understanding why you have pick the name that you choose to call yourself.  Determine who you are and what you represent as an artist.  Are you the “IT” factor?  It’s when an artist is a natural at what he does or fool me than stick to it and to also have the gift of stage presence, look, feel, personal charisma, and ability to “fit in” no matter the genre or consider hiring a publicist.  These are the things that record labels executives look for in artist before any deals. In today’s music industry, the record labels 1st follow your social media pages and again your presentation on social media is another appearance always think of your audience.  You may be an artist that’s very talented but if you don’t have that stage appearance and presentation as describe you can kiss all the effort that you have put in good bye.

An artist either has talent or don’t have it all; sorry either you go hard or go home.  If you’re going to be an actor in your craft know how to fake it and keep it there; but do you really want to be that.  Be yourself understand why you in this business, know the business learn it,  be ready to learn and listen; being an artist is harder than you think. If you’re willing to take the time, to educate yourself I suggest that you put in the effort, have the drive, follow through, commitment yourself to get it right.  The benefit of todays’ music you have the Internet such as: Google your best search engine I strongly tell every artist to learn about publishing, register with your publisher of choice.  Attend panels, ASCAP events and they are very open on answering your questions.  Being an artist is not something you do on a sometime basis, be consistent and stick to it.

Who will be your coach?

Cometessa, whom will be your coach as personally experienced the music industry hands on.  Through her journey as a former artist whom herself as done a few shows, spit on a few mixtapes, worked for several record labels in the New York City, Personal Trainer in Fitness, Freelance Photographer in the Hip Hop industry who’s currently the host of her own show PlugmeTV and an On-Air Personality on WLIB NY 91.5FM and her own internet radio PlugmeRadio.  As a former artist I have put in several hours and years and quiet frankly when you have a passion for something; you will always be that person.

What is Artist development coaching session is all about?

Artist development does not always mean changing who you are, what you do, how you talk, or how you appear to your fans, while some may think you have crossed over.  At the same time everyone needs a little brush up, progress daily and still than you will not be able to please everyone.  As an artist think of yourself as an athlete; let’s use a boxer for an example; they are always in training so they can be ready for their opponents  Going through these artist developments coaching sessions is developing your talent, your inner strengths as an artist and weaknesses.   However, with the right artist coaching development, you will learn how to present yourself on stage even if you’re being ask to perform without warning and just get it done.  Even with this last minute performance you will be prepare for it.  Your interaction with your audience and remember you’re performing for yourself in the mirror it’s all about your fans & audience.

Who are the Artist development coaching genres are?:  Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Reggaeton and Creole Hip Hop.  All genres needs stage presentation, a clear vocal of your music being perform.  Even when an artist or group is living their personal life, you’re always on display with your fans and the audience that is waiting to get to know who you are.  Therefore you MUST BE on your “A” game and know how to act or react at any given moment as a professional.  There is no “off switch” in the music business a fans do not care if you are on stage or with your family, or at sneaker store they are just happy to see you therefore; receive it embrace it.   All they care about is to get close to you, get an autograph and talk to you.  Artist development coach’s you in your responds to situations or even when to say nothing at all or leave it up to your publicist if you have one.

About your manager & how to pick one?  Your manager can also be an investor but not necessarily, in some cases the artist may have the finances but picked someone who CAN do the job.  I strongly suggest that your manager have music industry contact, professional, someone that follows up as well keep you on your pees and ques.   Your manager will be someone that is very responsible who wants to see you succeed for the simple fact that’s their name is on the line and basically your baby sitter.  More on the coaching sessions will be shared.

Getting there on time: Let me paint it for you this way; no matter how hot you are; it’s not about you.  Think about everyone that’s part of your project; everyone is on the line so are their budget.  In a nutshell get there on time; I suggest getting around your meeting place 30 minutes prior in that areas; than walk in 10-15 minutes prior to your meeting.  That goes for everything, if you have a show I suggest getting there 2-3 hours; if you have already done your mic check and making sure the right music is submitted to the deejay.  Two to three hours before a show will be too late for rehearsal is not the time or the place.  Remember your opponent will see and hear what you bringing and if they are more professional than you they will change things at the last minute than send you home weak.

Interviewing Skills:  Have you ever listened to a radio or see a TV interview and heard “nah mean” “you know” “this that and the third” “well, uh, you know, I, uh, well, you know, uh etc. you got my drift right.” Unfortunately, we hear it all the times, in some cases depending on your audience it may work but I strongly suggest that you practice interview questions.  When you hear an interview that sounds like this, you know that there was absolutely no time spent in self development.  The easiest way to avoid sounding like a fool is to work on your interviewing skills.  Stand in front of a mirror, even record yourself or get a hold of a camera.  Do not be afraid of criticism accept it; find someone to interview you practice as much as possible. Start with friends or family that have your best interest at heart.  Get used to it, it’s just the very beginning.  Most cases you may come across an interviewer that have more scoop on you think; which is their job.  You have to be able to receive, digest it quick and answer.  The more you practice at interviewing the better you will be and you will become a pro at it.    Therefore; be ready as long you’re telling the truth no matter how the questions was asked you will always have the same answer and that will add on to your “IT” factor and always on your “A” game.  If possible ask for a copy of the interviews so you or your artist can listen to it.  There’s always room for perfection and that’s make you an artist; the art of being creative or watch other interview by other artist.  This will give you the ability to see or hear on what you could have been a better and professional answer.

Stage Show:  Do you have what it takes for your stage shows? What does your current stage presentation looks like? Do you really know? Have you ever recorded your performance even at rehearsal?  When at rehearsal; perform just like you have an audience in front of you.  Your hype man, dancers are to be present on every rehearsal if you have one.   You MUST not be out of breath while performing; that can cause you to go off music timeline and even forget your lyrics.  If you do forget your lyrics; we will also show you how to continue with the show.  After all only you and your team knew that you missed a line.  Your fans/audience is too excited to catch it unless you perform the same song over and over.  This is where I would recommend having the best hype man who knows your music as if it’s their own lyrics.   Your fans paid money to see a show that will engraved in their memory and this is it where you will remind them that you are the “IT” factor.  Even if you have a crowd of 10-20 people as your audience ALWAYS perform as if you have a crowd of 3000.   Those 10-20 people can either make you or brake your, so bring it!  In today’s technology with cell phone, while you performing someone is tweeting about it, therefore think about your action at all time remember your “A GAME”

Your personal life: Your everyday life isn’t just for you anymore; sorry your fans are now a part of your life.  Most fans forget that you also another human being so they say “Can I have your autographs”?  You can’t really say no; remember this is the life you chose. Down to how you dress carry yourself again with today’s technology all is needed is a cell phone to catch it all.  Remember every time your steps out you are being watch by fans, interviewers.  Always be up and ready for an interview’s; you may be at a local store and a reporter recognizes you and asks for an interview?  Do you tell them not now? That would be crazy this is where I would say once again, I suggest hiring a manager and or a publicist.  Why let a good opportunity for press coverage be lost because you weren’t ready? An artist that has worked on artist development would know to be honest and say, “Hey, it was a long night last night. I just hoped out of bed to get some coffee and need a minute to get it together. Can I buy you another cup of coffee while I go home, get cleaned up, and I will be back in thirty minutes to answer any questions you may have, I would love to do the interview.”, LOL THAT IF YOU GET ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY.(excuse my sarcasm) What about partying at a club? What if that same reporter shows up at your favorite spot while you are letting loose and you are acting a fool? It wouldn’t be good thing.  Your daily life as an artist or group has got to present itself as someone who has the “IT” factor at all times.  Be on the know what to say, when to say it and where to let loose only comes from practice.  Sit down; write out a list of questions and/or situations you think may come up in your daily life as an artist or group.  Once you have your lists you need to take the time to determine how, what, when, or where you would handle the questions or situation.  Then, make a cheat sheet and have someone drill you over and over everyday until you have the list memorized.   This is Artist Development Coaching Session; will prepare you for any question or situation that may arise in your career as an entertainer.   Do you watch or listening to your favorite artists interview on TV or the radio listen them and see how they handle their interview.  The more prepared you are for the unknown the more you will own to be that “IT” factor so own it.

I may have given you a cheat sheet here, keep in mind this would be a contact Artist Development Coaching Sessions.  Don’t sell yourself short get the training that you deserve and need.

 If you are interested in this service; kindly email us.



1 month 8 sessions 8 hours 2 hours for each sessions a week with assigned homework $350

2 months 16 sessions 16 2 hours for each sessions along with assigned homework $500

What’s included in these hours of sessions: You will perform in front of our guest judge at the final of your artist development session, constructive criticism of your performance, interview practice, stage presentation, appearance, clear vocal while performing, timing, management, Fitness bootcamp class once or twice a week.  Every artist that joined these sessions will have to perform in front of each other on the first day, it will be recorded an order to evaluate your progress and compared with your final performance.  Any of the package selected will give you access to be added to our website an order to share it on our Social Media pages for FREE.


Limited Space available; an order to give each artist the focus needed to be that “IT FACTOR” 8-10 artist per sessions

If we feel or you also feel that you need more improvement; we will give you an extra 2 hours session of boot camp artist development coaching ONE ON ONE for FREE.































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