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Toss It or Floss It, created by Cometessa & Fantum

Toss It or Floss It, is mainly created for your audience to vote on behalf of your song that is being submitted to PLUGMERADIO.COM.   This will take place at no cost until it’s subject to change.  An order to participate in TOSS IT OR FLOSS IT you will need to submit the following.

– 1 song
– Drop
– Email to:
-Subject line: Toss It or Floss It Submission

Please wait for a response of approval within 48-72 hours either from FANTUM or COMETESSA.

Flossing your music; means that we keep your music on our Plugmeradio website playlist rotation for the 1st week and of course we tweet it tag our team whom will automatically be shared on our Facebook page.  The more mentioned you get from your audience, the more tags and RT you will receive.  These results will keep your music for an extra week on our rotation on our website for FREE.  (No more than 2 weeks time) Thereafter, it will be a $20.00 payment for submission please email: subject line: payment

Tossing your music; means that you did not get enough mentioned to keep your music on our show and website playlist rotation.  Therefore we will remove your music by the end of the day ex:11:59pm.  However; you will get a final mention on our end of the month artist submission report.

Please keep in mind it’s nothing personal; it’s just business  an order to motivate you to bring your A game.  You are allowed to submit a new song and of course at fee of $20.00.  Therefore; submit your best song for FREE at your first chance.  GOOD LUCK!

CHECK OUT THIS QUICK VIDEO about PlugmeRadio & PlugmeTV and once again good luck.

 A snippet of our TV show Plugme TV that airs once a month for an hour.   If you have any questions we will get back to you within 72 hours.


This video was edited by Fantum from Bang’Em Beats Ent. B.E.B Ent.  All tracks on this snippet belong to Fantum at B.E.B. Ent.  We also do video production at a very reasonable price; for video reference visit the artist video page or  Thanks for all your support.

In details please provide us with your specific interview request; as well how many interviewing? The name of your business, your title and a website if one is available. Kindly await for a response along with a quote and we thank you for your time.
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